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     PlanPro is a team effort, spearheaded by Chris Planinshek and Kimberly Molloy.

     Chris has been a carpenter for over 15 years. He started at an early age, learning carpentry from his father. His career began with finishing high-end homes in the SF Bay-Area and has since progressed through many aspects of construction. He enjoys rough carpentry but finds his passion lies in  finish work. Chris has been successful in challenging himself by taking on large-scale jobs like building ground-up additions on existing homes and project-managing. 
     Chris was raised in the Boise area. In his mid-teens he moved to the California Bay Area. In 2016 he returned to his hometown in hopes of enjoying a slower paced life as well as all the great outdoors he remember Boise providing.

     Kimberly heads the administrative and client service aspect of PlanPro. She comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and was brought up in a family business. For many years she ran her own sewing shop, acting as a manufacturer for local and national businesses. Kimberly ultimately decided to return sewing to a hobby and join the PlanPro team to help grow the business and reach more customers. 


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     Produce the highest quality product that budget and materials will allow. Provide excellent customer service and be knowledge-able and honest. Work fast, clean and efficient, while still taking time to enjoy life!